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Mima Forklift - TISHA MHE

  • MGA 4.0-6.0T seated tow tractor

    MGA Series 4.0-6.0T electric tow tractor The rated load capacity of MGA40/60 is 4000/6000kg. ● Simple and elegant overview design; ● Big Inner/outer space for storage; ● Comfortable operation;

  • Electric Seated Reach Truck MFZ

    MFZ series is a new-design reach truck, with loading capacity from 1.6 to 2.5 tons. The Main Features are: 1.Four Wheel Braking: Equipped with front and back wheel braking, with a better braking performance, which is suitable for using on the wed and frozen ground. All this can guarantee operator safety. 2.Ergonomics Design: Easy operation joystick design and multi-function display with wheel position, which can makes operation more comfortable and convenient. Adjustable seat can provide operator with the most comfortable operation environment; 3.Excellent Weight-bearing Mast: No loading capacity loss within 6000mm, and excellent loading performance at super-high position. 4.Strong Endurance: Full AC system design, high-efficiency and energy-saving motors without carbon brush can meet multiple operation requirements under heavy working conditions.

  • Stand On Electric Reach Stacker Truck MFA

    MFA Series of forklift truck with large forward stroke brings smaller channel experience, battery electric drive, maximum carrying capacity 2.0t. Main Features: 1.Maintenance-free high-power AC drive system, providing reliable driving power. 2.The standard CURTIS series controller is reliable and durable.AMP waterproof and dustproof plug-in, which provides reliable protection for the circuit and greatly reduces electrical faults. 3.Platform type, pure electronic steering, integrated control handle, safe, labor-saving, flexible operation. 4.The newly designed floating suspension system makes the steering operation more flexible and convenient. 5.The frame is made of high strength steel plate frame structure, with large residual bearing capacity and long service life.

  • 2.0-2.5T Pallet Jack With Curtis Controller

    Pallet Jack is mainly used for plane point-to-point handling. It is drived by battery. The maximum load capacity is 2.5T. ●Horizontal handling of medium and heavy cargo; ●Middle and long distance handling; ●Applicable to logistics, warehousing, food, textile, printing, cold chain and other industries.

  • 1.0-1.5T Electric Walkie Stacker With MAX Lifting

    Electric Walkie Stacker adopts the latest permanent magnet drive technology and has strong power with a maximum load of 1.5T. ●Short distance handling; ● short distance stacking; ● Ideal tools for loading, unloading and handling cargo in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, and homes.

  • 1.0-1.5T Battery Counterbalance Stacker With Foldi

    1.0-1.5T Battery Counterbalance Stacker With Folding Fork Electric/ Battery Counterbalance Stacker is a new generation of products developed for warehousing equipment. The maximum load capacity of 1500Kg. ● Horizontal handling and stacking of medium cargo; ●Middle and long distance handling and stacking; ● It can also play a role in closed trays, low height of the tray from the ground, and no legroom at the bottom of the shelf.

  • 1.5T-2.0T Power Pallet Stacker - 24V 210AH Battery

    Pallet Stacker is a new generation of products developed for warehousing logistics Equipment. It is drived by battery. The maximum load capacity of 2.0T. ● Horizontal handling and stacking of medium cargo; ●Middle and long distance handling and stacking; ●Applicable to loading, unloading and handling palletized goods in warehouses, supermarkets and workshops.

  • 3-Way Electric Pallet Stacker

    MC Series 1.0-1.5T 3-way pallet stacker (Stand-on Driving type). 3-way stacking function: forks can rotate 180° and do left-right side shift without body turning. The 3-way pallet stacker is the first choice of intensive storage, which is mainly used in logistics, medicine, food and low-temperature cold storage. ● Stacking in ultra-narrow roadways and high shelf design. ● Horizontal handling. ● Load/unload cargos.

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